Our Vision:

The Beneficiaries:  Our Priority

We will remain focused on keeping the public beneficiaries our first priority in all our activities.

We will adopt and promote the highest standards regarding services provided to our beneficiaries.

We will adopt a holistic approach in the services provided to our beneficiaries, through supporting projects within the health, education and social development fields.

We will strive to mobilize communities to within their highest capacity, through partnership and shared leadership, to be an active and sustainable factor in community development.

The Employees:  The Finest Resources

We always make it our goal to enhance our quality and quantity of work through attracting and retaining exceptional and proficient employees.

We make it our standard to have a dedicated professional team working together to maximize institutional performance and output.

We make it a priority to develop and maximize the capabilities of our employees by strengthening staff competence through offering on the job training, external professional training and educational workshops /seminars.

Our Sponsors:  Setting Precedence

We provide the highest quality of services to our sponsors and affiliates.

We work collectively and in collaboration with all national and international organizations, which have shared prospective in accomplishing our mission.

We fulfill all responsibilities to our sponsors and related agencies in a professional, transparent, efficient and credible manner.

We offer professional support and assistance to all organizations whose goals vindicate a similar mission.