Our Goals:

We intend to fulfill our mission by enhancing the quality and quantity of services within the health, education and social-development fields.

General sectoral goals:

  • Command a leading role in the line up of organizations involved in the development work in Yemen and the world over.

  • Assess societal needs and develop projects and proposals accordingly.

  • Advocate and promote the rights of women and children in each sector.

  • Investigate the present circumstances of each sector by obtaining accurate statistics, through quantitative and qualitative research and analysis.

  • Promote and cooperate with Community Based Organizations.


  • Provide and improve primary health care services through advancing the quantity and quality of healthcare services and facilities for women and children.

  • Participate in reducing the mortality and morbidity rates among mothers and children.

  • Participate in reducing the fertility rate.

  • Participate in reducing behavioral and environmental health risks.

  • Promote the well being of women and elderly women with disabilities or debilitating disease.


  • Promote and improve educational services for women and children.

  • Participate in increasing enrollment rates and decreasing dropout rates.

  • Support higher education enrollment rates among women.

  • Promote feasible literacy and vocational training programs for women.


  • Promote women’s participation in civil society institutions and in the decision making process.

  • Improve social status of women.

  • Chang incorrect social stigmas/concepts about women.

  • Reduce poverty amongst women and children.

  • Promote programs to assist “street children” and orphans.

  • Promote programs, which help to eradicate socially deviant behavior.

  • Promote Community Based Rehabilitation programs.